Dear fellow dancers, we are both sad and SO HAPPY to announce that we’ve officially sold out!

A huge thank you to all of you who chose us to entertain you in a gloomy October weekend. We’ll make it our mission to give you the best of times.
We can’t wait to dance with you all.


early bird special SOLD OUT
regular full pass SOLD OUT
lazy bird SOLD OUT

*Note that we are NOT planning to sell party passes or one-night entries at the door.

Registration Process

We are very sensitive about seeing followers sighing by the dance floor, or leaders running to the bathroom to have an excuse to take a break between dances (rings any bells?). We’re aiming for the best dancing experience possible for YOU. So here’s our scheme to keep a good balance between leaders and followers:

. Everyone that signs up will be put in a wait list.
. There will be a Kind Human Being from The Team accompanying the whole process and manually approving the registrations.
. When registering with a partner, you’ll be both required to provide their e-mail address, and you’ll only be considered registered when BOTH partners have payed.
. If you’re looking for or interested in providing local hosting, make sure you tick the respective box in the form. More info on the hosting process here.
. Once your registration is approved, you’ll receive an e-mail with payment instructions. You’ll have seven days to pay and secure your spot. Please note that, if you don’t make the payment within that timeframe, your reservation (and your partner’s, when applied) will be cancelled and you’ll have to register again.
. Don’t forget we have an Official Carrier this year, TAP Air Portugal, so if you’re booking flights make sure to check how to grab a nifty discount by following these instructions.

That said, accidents do happen. The Team will be there for you if there’s a sudden change of plans.

If you have a thing for formal language, check out our terms and conditions.