In the past editions, no lindy hopper was left without a roof over their head or a pillow under their feet, so we can assure you this tried and tested little system works wonders!

Here’s the thing: on your registration form you’ll be asked if you’d like to host or need hosting. If you do, we’ll add you to a secret group on Facebook where you can look for someone available. Just open a private message and directly talk to a Lindy Hopper. We’ve eliminated the middle man (no members of The Team were harmed during this procedure), and you can be sure to be exchanging your personal info with someone only if you want to do so. Make sure you make your contact quite early and discuss all arrangements prior to the event.

Be sure to like our BSL Facebook page so that we can find you to discuss hosting.
If you do not own a Facebook account (and only in this situation, please), send us an e-mail and we’ll do our best to find you a host.

When hosting

Ask not “how many extra bedrooms do I have?”, but “how much spare floor space do I have?”.

It is your choice to host for longer than the exchange duration, and you have no obligation to feed or transport, or provide Wi-Fi to your guests. But you’ll earn bonus coolness points if you do so.
Make sure to explain clearly:

  •  how many people you can squeeze in
  •  if you prefer just boys/girls
  •  if they need to bring sleeping bags/towels
  •  if you allow smokers
  •  if you own any pets
  •  how far your place is from the city centre/venue through public transportation
  •  be prepared cry when goodbyes come
  •  PLUS! you’ll receive a Super Host Pin. if not for the sake of Mankind, do it for the pin…

When requesting for hosting

Lucky you. Lisbon Lindy Hoppers are the best! Just remember your mom’s words of wisdom: tidy up after yourself. And save a few dances or beers for your new friend. Also, let them know:

  • your travel details
  • if you have any pet allergies
  • if you smoke
  • ask if you need to bring anything
  • if not, bring chocolate anyway