Get Around

Lisbon is a pretty small city, but with some steep hills, even for hard-working dancer legs. We’ve gathered some basic information for you to get around in the swiftest way possible by Metro (subway), Carris (tram+bus) and Taxi.

Metro, bus & tram

You can get pretty much everywhere using the metro and bus/tram lines. There are also night buses, which are fewer but reach most central spots in the city — they might come handy on party nights.

Metro runs from 06:30 a.m. to 01:00 a.m., and day buses start to get scarce from around 8 or 9 p.m. The night buses start their routes at midnight.

Viva Viagem is a reusable card [0,50€] that you purchase and top up (“Zapping” option) with cash or debit card in the metro and train stations, and that you can then use on all public transit: buses & trams (Carris, 1,30€ for one hour), metro (1,30€ per trip), ferries (1,20€ per trip), suburban trains (CP, 1,80€ for two hours).

There are other options available, such as a one-day ticket that includes several means of transportation, in case you’re planning on hopping on and off all day.  

* We advise you not to buy bus/tram tickets on the bus or tram itself because it will cost you a lot more.

Taxi, Uber, Cabify

Since the metro closes at 1 a.m. and night buses are scarce and don’t go everywhere, you can consider taking a taxi or requesting an Uber (or similar) service.

The average Taxi fare is around 7€ — sharing is caring… and saving. Even from the airport, your average taxi trip to the city centre should never cost you over 10€ — and that’s already a big stretch, considering heavy traffic.

Rádio Táxis Lisboa: 218–119–000, 969–531–660, 919–781–000
Cooptaxis: 217–932–756

From the airport or train station

From the Airport and Oriente train station you can take the Red Line. From Santa Apolónia train station, you have the Blue Line, which will take you to the city centre.