Câmara de Comércio

Rua das Portas de Santo Antão, 89, Lisbon
Metro Restauradores (blue), Rossio (green)

We were tempted to just pop in here a slideshow with pictures of the venue and the phrase  “Downtown Lisbon” and leave it at that. Come on, this venue needs no introduction at all…

But, for those who need to know more on those tantalising hardwood floors, here it goes:

It was the year of 1918 and there was a thriving need for an exclusive club right in the heart of Lisbon, for social gatherings such as parties, dinners and dances. In June, the Palace Club is born — “a chic, sumptuous and grandiose Club, whose distinct character is a testament to its select and most venerable patrons, where mundane life rushed through as though a mere volatile inebriating scent”.



It housed not only the posh salon where the most delicate suppers and dreamy dances with an orchestra were held, but also a barber, a shoe shiner, a powder/dressing room for the ladies, a library and several parlours, to which only the most respectable and exclusive associates could access…

Yeah, fancy. Also fancy is the the majestic stairway and foyer we’ll have to cross to get to a mind-blowing salon, pretending we’re coming for several elegant social dance nights to the sound of a charming band… oh, wait! We *are* doing all of that, without the social stereotypes or the life-threatening corsets, and being able to laugh out loud as hard as our hearts desire.

This building is now owned by Câmara de Comércio e Indústria Portuguesa (Commerce and Industry Chamber), a private business association that has been committed to keeping its original charm.