— know that all the tasters (except for the surf class) will be first-come-first-served, so if you want to make sure you have a spot in the class, be there a bit before it starts. the schedule will be available when the programme is released. —

Shaping your solo with Katie Cobalt

How can you use your whole body to create awesome shapes in your solo dancing? In this class we will be focusing on using your upper body and arms to take your solo jazz to the next level!

Katie is based in London and has triple stepped all over the world performing and competing every chance she gets, holding first place titles at Savoy Cup, Dragon Swing and Swingin’ Spring.

She is known for her infectious smile and bubbly personality. It was the joy and playful energy that made Katie fall head over heels for Solo Jazz and this enthusiasm comes across in her classes.

Fitness for dancers with Areski Stichweh

Learn to understand your body and how it’s supposed to move.
Make dancing effortless, prevent injuries and learn how to warm up properly… with fun!

Areski started taking classes with SwingStep in 2014, and dropped everything else he was doing: it felt like he was meant for this dance. He became a full-time teacher with SwingStep in 2016. Bringing experience from his prior life as a sailing instructor, he has a good sense for understanding what is needed when, and how to express it. Training with SwingStep only helped him becoming even more precise in his teaching, giving him the techniques to inspire people to work hard on their dancing.
He also did short studies of ballet, modern dance, jazz dance, hip hop and tap dance. Increasing his knowledge about movement and body awareness helped him understand how he wants to shape his dancing, and therefore also his classes.
As a teacher, he wants to inspire the same way the dance inspires him. Making techniques, concepts, shapes, movement accessible and breaking them down in a way that students can see immediate results.

Creativity and team work with Solology

Come and be part of our process of making a solo jazz choreo. You will experience how we work and create, try some of the exercises we use to build connection and how we relate to music to become one while dancing.

Creating and sharing great energy, here they are : Solology. It all started as Claudia Fonte’s solo project where she focused on improvisation, musicality and individual self-expression. However, soon it transformed into a team of dedicated and brave dancers who are eager to experiment and develope new moves, ideas, formations and moods. They strive for self-expression while they cherish and work on building a team and unity. Promoting social solo dancing is a cause close to their hearts and they grab all opportunity to share their passion on the dancefloor. Their aim is to eliminate all limits while creating and dancing. All with Swing music playing on!

Locking with Fausto Bellucci

Locking is a style of funk dance, which is today also associated — but not to be confused with — hip hop. The name is based on the concept of locking movements, which basically means freezing from a fast movement and “locking” in a certain position, holding that position for a short while and then continuing in the same speed as before. It relies on fast and distinct arm and hand movements combined with more relaxed hips and legs. The movements are often very rhythmic and tightly synced with the music. Locking is quite performance-oriented, often interacting with the audience by smiling or giving them a high five, and some moves are quite comical in nature.
Locking was originally danced to traditional funk music, such as that produced or performed by James Brown.

Fausto Bellucci, born in Portugal in 1986, is a Lisbon-based dancer, choreographer and performance artist. He extensively trains in urban dance (Hip-hop and Funky Styles). He is best known for winning “Portugal Got Talent”, for his appearance as a competitor on the second season of “So You Think You can Dance — Portugal” (2015), and for being a member of the Jukebox Crew.
Fausto has performed through Europe, Africa and the United States, and has also worked for film, TV and commercials, working with big companies and artists such as Green Day, Nelly Furtado, Gorillaz, “The Voice” (performance coach and dancer), MTV Awards, just to name a few.
Through his career, and from working with lots of different choreographers, he experienced other styles such as ballroom dances, contemporary and jazz.
In his class, he likes to make the students feel comfortable with good vibes. As a creative person, Fausto routines are a fusion between the basics of Locking, what comes out of his freestyle, and from the musicality of each instrument.

Let’s twist! with Sara dal Corso

In this class we will be focusing on twisting, the perfect way to release and strengthen our body. In a perfect balance of fluid movement and clear alignment we flow through the yoga practice to reconnect deeply with our breath and our body after our crazy dancing weekend.
Through a specific sequence of asanas and pranayama, this class can be truly profound: a dynamic, moving meditation, focus on synchronizing movement and breath with awareness.
Let’s get on the mat and practice some juicy, delicious Yoga twists!

Sara is a Contemporary dance and Yoga teacher. She has a PhD in Theater and Dance Studies at the University of Bologna and since then has worked as a performer, choreographer and dance teacher in different countries. But now she is living in Lisbon and also dancing the Lindy Hop!

Surf on the Beach!

You’ll have a 90 minute group surf class with fellow Blue Skies participants.
** This activity costs 14€ (insurance included), and is paid at the check-in. **
We’ll soon provide a form for you to register for it.

Feel Free Surf Camp is the extension of the five year old Portuguese Feel Free Surf School. This project is all about providing great surf vacations (and an all-round fun experience) for tourists in Lisbon and its peripheral beaches (Cascais, Sintra, Costa da Caparica).