Hip Hop for Lindy Hoppers
by César Nusik

photo by David Amorim

This taster will grow from a light approach to body isolations — to get you started on the contrasts between Lindy Hop and Hip Hop —​, followed by a touch on basic steps that are common to both styles — to highlight and explore the differences—, and finally a small crossover routine of Hip Hop and Charleston.

César started dancing in London and was very inspired by Kenrick Sandy. Back in Portugal, it was not long before he started teaching and developing his own Hip Hop style. César later did a degree in Dance where he learned Classic, Modern and Contemporary Ballet. Today he is an all-round dancer who works with professional Dance Companies and has his own Dance Crew, Flow Marginal​. Check this video of him.

Bi-role your Lindy
by Mago & Alba

photo by Martina Houdek

Have fun changing your role in the middle of a dance. Surprise your partner changing the energy, and becoming the other role for a while. You will learn different and funny ways to express the Leader/Follower hidden in you, and you will also have the perspective of your partner — always with respect and a playful attitude.

Mago and Alba have been dancing Lindy Hop for more than 6 years. Both started dancing in Barcelona. They are teachers in different studios in Catalonia, like Swing Maniacs and Windy Hoppers. Together they created the project Windy Hoppers Empordà 5 years ago, an association with the goal of spreading Swing Music and Lindy Hop in Girona Province, organizing Lindy Hop and Solo Jazz courses, and also live music events in different towns.
Since September 2014, they organize the international festival Swim Out Costa Brava, an event with more than 500 participants coming from more than 25 countries around the world, in one of the most beautiful areas of the Costa Brava. This year will be the fourth edition.