DJ Stompin’ Stoff

photo by Eric Bobrie . For Dancers Only

Seeing people smiling on the dance floor is a great gift, and that is just what Stoff aims for — a nice atmosphere with the right songs.

Having played at several national floors in Belgium, The Gentse Hoppers Exchange, Crazy Swing Camp, Swing Cité during the ten day festival, and regularly on parties and events, he is starting to pick up on the international floors as well: Amsterdam Smokey Feet, Fizz in Chicago, Durham Blues festival, Lindy-Shock Budapest, Dublin, Oxford, Brno, Dragon-Swing in Krakow, Vienna, Warsaw…
He likes to amp up the tension and see how the crowd reacts. Whatever crowd or floor, he likes to move it ;)

DJ David Afonso

photo by Mário Sabino Sousa

 loves sharing stuff, and in the dance community he found a way to share one of his biggest pleasures in life: Jazz music.

As one of the most active swing DJs in Lisbon, as an occasional international DJ, as a swing dancer, Lindy Hop teacher and event organiser, he knows how to “read” a swing dance floor and deliver the right music to electrify a party.

From the ’20s to the present — Swing, Big Bands, Dixieland, Jump Blues, Jazz, Blues, Gospel, Manouche — it all coexists within David’s DJ sets.
Two things are required to glue this diversity together though: an irresistible dancing rhythm and authenticity in playing. If the songs have claps and/or if they talk about food, even better!
Here’s one of his online playlists, for your listening pleasure.

DJ Mago

photo by Núria Aguadé

As a teenager, Mago got into jazz music and became a modern jazz buff.

But, as soon as he entered the world of Lindy Hop in Barcelona in 2011, he was swept away by Swing. The usual Lindy Hop whirlwind ensued — as it does —, and Mago soon became a teacher, DJ, and event coordinator (being the organiser of Swim Out Costa Brava).

You can have the pleasure of listening to his sets in countless events, especially within the bubbling-with-swing Barcelona scene.
Be sure to ask him to dance, you’ll have so much fun and surely a gentlemany compliment at the end!