David Afonso

David is our staple. He loves sharing stuff, and in the dance community he found a way to share one of his biggest pleasures in life: Jazz music.
As one of the most active swing DJs in Lisbon, as an occasional international DJ (Smokey Feet, Swim Out Costa Brava, Stir it, among others), as a swing dancer, Lindy Hop teacher and event organiser, he knows how to “read” a swing dance floor and deliver the right music to electrify a party.
From the 20’s to the present — Swing, Big Bands, Dixieland, Jump Blues, Jazz, Blues, Gospel, Manouche — it all coexists within David’s DJ sets.
Here’s one of his online playlists, for your listening pleasure.


Stephanie Lori

Stephanie started dancing lindy hop in 2012 and DJing swing music in 2015 – the first one she does at festivals all over Europe; the second mainly in her hometown Basel (Switzerland). She likes her DJ sets to be diverse, containing songs of different tempos and various styles. Stephanie loves to discover music by contemporary bands and to play it combined with classics. If she had to restrict herself to just two artists for a night of dancing, it would be Gordon Webster and Ella Fitzgerald.


Clàudia Fonte

They describe her style as “Jazzy”. With consistent rhythm sections, Clàudia is looking forward to see you all dancing the whole set long!
Known for her unique musicality, it is absolutely safe to say that every tune she’ll play for us will make us light those hardwood floors on fire.