Ladies and Gentlemen, a big round of applause to the Bumpy Roof Band — the Barcelona-to-Paris ensemble that will keep our feet steaming on the dancefloor all night long!

The Bumpy Roof Band

In the beginning of 2015 Juli Aymi Duran and Julien Silvand created the Bumpy Roof Band. They met at a swing festival in Valencia, where they made the crowd dance throughout the entire festival with all their energy.

photo by Núria Aguadé

With drummer Martí Elias Vinyals, specialized in Swing and Lindy Hop styles, the band thrives on the sheer enjoyment of making good, happy music, and contaminates the audience with their rhythm and feel-good vibes. Trombonist Josep Tutusaus brings the typical explosion of a melodic jazz trio. Kike Angulo’s guitar is the link between melody and rhythm, and Queralt Camps offers the strong sweetness of the wood of her bass to anchor the melodies.

The reason of their association is clear: they know and appreciate each other, and want to play music together all around the world! We’ve loved them so much we wanted them back this year.

Next Stop: Lisbon!

Juli Aymi Duran clarinet, voice
Julien Silvand trumpet, voice
Josep Tutusaus trombone
Kike Angulo guitar
Queralt Camps bass
Martí Elias Vinyals drums

Watch them performing live here.

Stomping at Six

Stomping at Six is one of the few swing bands in Lisbon, formed by students from the Hot Clube de Portugal Jazz School who fell in love when they saw some Lindy Hoppers dancing in the street.

Stomping at Six play Swing standards from the 1920′s, 30′s and 40′s, and they bring so much empathy and energy to their sets that you won’t be able to stay out.

We are so happy to have them back to light up our feet!