Flight Manifesto

We’re not fooling around: the Blue Skies Lisbon Lindy Exchange is all about getting together to have fun, dance free and laugh wildly. Maybe tear up a little, when it’s time to go home.

When you check in, we welcome your unique baggage, experiences, quirks and strange obsession with soap operas — all that makes you YOU, and an irreplaceable part of our dancing scene and of this once-in-a-lifetime extended family reunion we aim to provide.

We want to make every single one of our participants feel embraced in a warm and fuzzy blanket of happiness.
Like everything in life — and in dance — this implies trust.

It is, in our humble opinion, an honour, a duty and a treasure, to cherish the amazing gift that is the trust every participant places in our hands, and in each other’s. We encourage you to share this stance.

We deeply believe in everyone’s right to feel included, safe and respected, and we believe each and every one of you will bring another strong link to that safety net, which we’ll try to preserve to the best of our abilities.

If, at any moment, you feel uncomfortable, unsafe or disrespected during the event, please come and talk to us. We love to listen as much as we love to dance.